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Urology Treatment

When men or women suffer from urinary tract infections, kidney stones or gall bladder dysfunction, seeing a urologist can aid in reversing the disorders. Akarsh hospitals group has been tagged along with pro urologists and surgeons who extend effective treatment for erectile dysfunction in men. A complete genitourinary examination is suggested to men with undefined or severe urinary problems.

Male sexual issues: As sexual health contributes a lot in improving a man’s physical as well as marital life, taking sexual problems for granted could cost you a lot in future. Men with sexual issues can benefit maximum from the oral medications suggested by our specialist team. Akarsh hospitals can better evaluate the possible causes for the problems and rule out any infertility chances with effective treatment.

Varicocele: As a major part of fertility treatment in men, varicocele repair surgery is suggested. When the health care provider diagnoses problems like a small testicle with incorrect growth, poor sperm quality or count, the person can catch infertility and the same could be reversed by varicocele treatment through a minor surgery. We offer the best facility with expert surgeons who embrace painless and non-invasive methods in successful varicocele repairs.

Vasectomy reversal: Reestablishing a blocked tube carrying sperm into the semen fluid is what a vasectomy reversal achieves. This micro surgery brings back the patient’s capability of making their partner female. Though a minute surgery, the surgeon requires anaesthesia support and an outpatient facility to ensure a smoother procedure. Akarsh hospitals boasts of higher success rates in performing varicocele reversals with lesser recovery period and painless technology.


Renal calculi: Undefined medical conditions and poor physical habits are among the top causes of kidney stones, medically called Renal calculi. Symptoms like blood in urine, unbearable abdominal pain or while passing the urine can ascertain the presence of kidney stones primarily. The immediate visit to a physician helps in early diagnosis and treatment. Most of the stones are removed through medication and if this goes in vain a minor surgery is recommended in some cases. Akarsh hospitals’ urology department has the most qualified and experienced doctors who can quickly diagnose the cause, size and the location of the Renal calculi and extend better treatment considering the patient’s physical and medical history.

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