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female gynecologist Specialist doctors

Female Gynecologist Specialist Doctors

Akarsh hospitals, Visakhapatnam is specialized at diagnosing and treating women with reproductive problems. The hospital has expertise in Gynecology – a complete study of women’s reproductive system. The department has world-class amenities with 10+ years of experienced gynecologists who deal with counselling, diagnosing and treating women with reproductive abnormalities.


The various areas that our expert doctors and gynecologists work include:

Adolescent clinic: Akarsh hospitals  handles adoloscent girls between the ages of 9-19 wherein most of them are naive to understand reproductive organs, their functioning, importance and disorders associated. This subspecialty ward mainly focuses on educating and counselling about the female reproductive system besides dealing with behavioral problems, anxiety and lifestyle problems.


Irregular cycles: Irregular cycles are mostly due to hormonal imbalances, PCOS, thyroid disorders, uterine abnormalities, stress, weight changes, medications, or certain medical conditions. Based on the diagnosis, appropriate treatment options will be suggested by clinician which may include lifestyle modifications, hormonal therapy, surgical interventions, or other targeted treatments.

PCOD: PCOS is a disorder with genetic and hormonal components. If you suspect you have PCOS it is recommended to consult our doctor who can provide a comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and guidance on management strategies to your specific situation. At Akarsh hospitals, women can leverage the best support to withstand and control their PCOD through our best facilities and top doctors. From lifestyle changes to exercises and diet plans with medications, we take the responsibility of caring for women’s fertility at the best.


Pre-marital counselling: While marriage is the dominant step in a person’s life, understanding the life after wedding, responsibilities and stress factors that it brings along is vital. The purpose of premarital testing is to identify any existing medical conditions, genetic disorders, or infectious diseases that may affect the couple’s health or have implications for their future children. The specific tests conducted may vary depending on cultural, legal, and regional factors, as well as individual preferences.


Akarsh hospitals has the best couple and pre-marital therapists who aid the to-be-wed couples better understand their partners and support them through the life journey. They aid the couples to explore various stages in wedding life some of which can lead to conflicts.

Female sexual dysfunction: Sexual dysfunction in women has been prevalent since ages now, but is a fully under defined and unexplored topic. The unpassionate sexual behavior in women wherein they either have no arousal feelings, don’t experience an orgasm, pain while intercourse  are medically together termed as female sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, only a few women consult a counsellor or doctor to address this problem so as to save their straining relationship or to treat their physical discomfort.  Women manifest signs of sexual dysfunction at any point of time after their marriage or when they hit menopause.


At Akarsh hospitals, we facilitate the best and experienced family therapists who are compassionate and succeed in treating women with sexual dysfunction. They sit the couples separately while preparing for counselling and questionnaire. Some physical examinations may be required to fully diagnose the condition.


Menopausal clinic: Most women have a discomfortable experience in the following years of menopause which is typically around 45-50. To treat and comfort women in their menopause, Akarsh hospitals facilitates menopausal clinic that lets women understand their body and the menopausal complications. They guide them throughout the post-menopausal phase and help busting out the stress

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